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Steven Sedalia

Debut EP:
Words of the River
Release Date: April 7, 2016

1. Words of the River
2. The Secret
3. The Wild
4. Color Me
5. The Remembering

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Steven Sedalia LIVE
Words of the River album cover 1400x1400
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Music video for "The Wild"
LIVE video from Gathering of the People
LIVE video from Kauai's Homegrown Music Fest

Full Artist Bio:
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recent highlights:
Flow Fest Hawaii, UNIFY Fest, Homegrown Festival, Hawaii Tour, Gathering of the People

Album review:

"With Words of the River, Steven Sedalia proved himself to be more of a poet and a young visionary than just a singer/songwriter. The album has 5 songs, each beautiful and unique, with very original sonorities and powerful yet gentle love-filled messages... The EP mixes catchy, freeing tunes with songs of meditation that whisper to us ancient truths that connect us to our shared roots as human beings..."  - RQL 106 FM

"Steven has an amazing voice. It's extremely soft and peaceful complemented by his backing guitar. Combined with strong lyrics, his set was one of my favorites of the weekend. He shared with the crowd much of the meanings of his songs and everywhere you looked everyone was smiling from ear to ear..." - Ora Movement

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Steven Sedalia's creative multimedia project
"Terratales" (poems over nature's textures)